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Company Overview

North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE) has turned the specialty distribution of satellite downlink products, headend systems, fiber optics, wire, cable and related connectivity products into a successful operational network. Since our inception in 1992, NACE has grown to 5 locations across North America, supported by a sophisticated data processing network and inventory management system. Today NACE is a nationwide leader and specialist in the distribution of Cable and Satellite television infrastructure products and multimedia technology systems, with the ability to meet the demand for more products in more markets than ever before.

Our ability to conduct extensive research, capitalize upon decades of industry expertise, and leverage state-of-the-art manufacturing has resulted in our Cabletronix line of residential and commercial grade products. Cabletronix fully agile modulators, demodulators, and processors are available at fixed frequency prices. Our headend combiners, launch amplifiers, power supplies and multiswitches offer competitive specs at lower cost. With Cabletronix, value is competitive pricing, excellent performance specifications, and reliability that enhances our customers’ success.

As with all of our products and services, our policy of making customers our top priority pervades all levels of the company.

Management Team

NACE takes pride that over the past 11 years the company’s founders and core management team have remained with the company – evidence of commitment to a business based upon solid expertise, quality products, and service excellence.

Aaron Starr, President


Kirk Davies, Sales Manager


Stuart Lindsay, Sales and Print Media


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